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This file last written February 23, 2006

Spitfires Photo Gallery

1992 Men's Division 4 Team Photo
Back (left to right): Scott Pegrum, Dale Streibel, Rob Sutherland, Dave Couser, Stergios Anastadiadis, Scott Lumsden, Scott Pringle
Front (left to right): Pete Hutchins, Kevin Schafer, Martin Lafrance, Anthony Mar, Mike Moran, Ed Yam, Malcolm Britto (coach)

June 1997, Rover's Tournament Team Photo
Back (left to right): Rami Kanama, Carl Hubbard, Darren, Scott Pringle, Gerald Gaudet, Paul Hubbard, Scott Pegrum, Ken Jinks, Rob Sutherland
Front (left to right): Hank Ozakpinar, Chris Storbeck, Andrew Lovatt, Barry Skrypnyk, Anthony Mar, Mike Moran, Ken Laba

August 27, 1999
Oldtimer's clinch promotion to OT4

September 1999
NCISL Tournament Team
Back: Mike Moran, Gerald Gaudet, Rob Sutherland, Patrick Gillespie, Scott Pringle, Mark Farmer, Dave Couser, Dan O'Shaughnessy, Peter DiMaso, Pete Hutchins
Front: Scott Pegrum (+ Christopher), Chris Storbeck, Anthony Mar, Pierre Blais, Carl Hubbard, Bernie St Denis, Jody McDonnell
This file last written February 23, 2006

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